Mrs. Ververda's Favourite Virtual Field Trips

Feeling stuck at home? Me too. On the bright side, with computers, we can travel the world from our couch! I know its not the same, but it's the next best thing. If you're wanting to explore, here are some of my favourite virtual field trips.


1. Wind Walk Travel - These videos are taken all over the world and you get a chance to feel what it would be like if you were really just walking down the street. Below is my favourite - Disneyland!

2. Google Arts and Culture - There are so many cool virtual tours on this website. Click here to tour their top 8 most extreme locations - including Mount Everest.

3. 360 Cities - Explore any city in the world! With great panoramas and videos, this is a must visit. If you have your own VR goggles, download the app!


4. Access Mars - This website lets you explore the surface of mars from a nasa rover!

5. Stellarium - If you love stars and constellations, be sure to check out this website. View the night sky whenever and wherever!

6. Nickelodeon - This youtube has a ton of fun videos for kids (including some of our favourite celebrities!) but the video that is so cool is one that has slime - in space! If you love science, check it out below.


7. Discovery Education - This website has a ton of interesting videos and tours - but the one that was interesting to me was a field trip to a Maker Space lab where kids are experimenting and creating stuff with some awesome tools! Click here to check it out! This one is fun to do with your whole class. Below is their virtual field trip archive on Youtube to explore all of the field trips they've done in the past.


8. National Geographic Explorer Classroom - This is my favourite spot for exploring the world because they have real explorers who take you to a cool location and will talk about where they are! Every 2pm there's a new trip you can sign up for. Today's topic? Exploring tide pools!

9. Farm Food 360 - This Canadian website is perfect for anyone wanting to explore farms around the country! Below is a day in the life of a dairy farmer!

10. The Nature Conservancy Nature Lab - This website has a ton of resources, from information about climate change to learning about soil - this site has it all. Below, check out the secret life of corals!

For more ideas and tours of countless museums and galleries - click here, here and here!

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