My Favourite Coding Websites

Coding is one of my favourite things to show to my students. They are usually able to catch on faster than I do! Below are some of my favourite games and websites to practice.

1. Kodable - Kodable is one of the best games for younger students. It teaches ideas like sequencing and is a great place to start! Download the app for the best experiences.

2. - This website has a ton of wonderful games to learn coding for all ages!

3. Tynker - There are a bunch of great games here, but check out Code Monsters for one of my favourites

4. Scratch - This one also comes as an app, and you can even get fun activity cards to go with it.

5. Code Combat - Currently free due to school closures, this website has some great lessons for students.

6. Code Moji - Another great resource for coders of all ages.

Have fun coding!

~ Mrs. Ververda

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