5 Tips from a Story Ninja!

Sigmund Brouwer is a story ninja!! He knows the ins and outs of writing a good story and today I had the chance to interview him! Watch the interview below:

Story Tips

1. Think to yourself "What If" - Daydreaming will help bring up some great ideas!

2. Think about your reader - Make sure that you're writing a story about something that your reader will be interested in!

3. It's not "Writer's Block", it's "Story Block" - you'll only get stuck on writing when you don't know what to write about! Also remember - make sure things get worse in your story to spice things up.

Writing Tips

4. Don't worry about mistakes - In your first draft, write your story as if you were telling a friend.

5. Read it out loud - When you're done your story, read it aloud and you'll be able to find your mistakes easily.

Make sure you check out his books here!

Happy Tuesday!

~ Mrs. Ververda

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