Get Outside...And Read!

As it begins to get nice outside, hopefully you are able to spend some time in the sun! Or in the rain, like today. Here are some books, writing ideas and activities to get you inspired about outside!


Tip - If you don't want to buy these books - you can often search the title on YouTube and find videos of people reading the story for free! As well - you can always check our public library website for audiobooks or ebooks. Audible Stories could have what your looking for as well.

1. Miss Rumphius

2. Why Do We Need Bees?

3. The End of the Wild

4. Fresh Picked Poetry

5. Where Once there Was a Wood

6. Earth Verse - Haiku from the Ground Up

7. Kate, Who Tamed the Wind

8. Jo Macdonald had a Garden

Writing Ideas

1. Observe your surroundings - If you click here you will find a great lesson on listening and watching what's outside. What kind of birds do you see? Can you find any bugs?

2. Create a Nature Book - based on what you find outdoors, write a nature book with drawings and notes! Click here for tips on creating a feild guide.

3. Write a Poem - Poems and nature just go together! Just like peanut butter and jam. Try writing a Haiku. If you've never tried before - watch below to find out how. Click here to read some examples!

4. Ways to Help - Try to brainstorm ways you can help the environment and write them down! Maybe it's by starting a garden or planting a tree. Click here to explore other ways to help the earth.

5. Write using Nature - Use sticks and stones or outside materials to make a word or write a letter! Here's a teacher who can show you how.


1. Read outside - sometimes it's just nice to go read in the fresh air! Or, grab some headphones and a device and listen to a story while suntanning!

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt - Try to find something outside that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Example - a dandilion for the letter D!

3. Nature Walk - Take a walk outside and see what you hear! Never done it before? Check out the video below. Walking outside is proven to help our minds stay calm and happy!

4. Play Chef - Nothing is more fun than making 'ice cream' using mud or 'sprinkles' using sand. See what kind of masterpieces you can make!

5. Make Story Stones - Paint a picture on a rock inspired by something outside - then tell a family member a story based on the picture! Watch below to find out how.

Hopefully this helps you get started with hanging out outside! Click here for more nature book reccommendations.

~ Mrs. Ververda

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